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Give us your Event Ideas! BY zac Sept 19, 2021 13:57:37 GMT -7
Intending on joining? Please make this your first stop and be sure to read through all threads posted here. The Help Center is also located here and is guest friendly!
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An area for the community to mingle and speak about all kinds of different topics. Feel free to share any of your art, music, or graphic talents. You can also find the introduction/absences board here too.
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All old threads will be kept here unless requested by the owner to be deleted. Archives are viewable by all but can only be "quoted" by accepted members. If you are an old member who needs to retrieve some of your things simply PM one of the staff to get temporary permissions! ♥
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Affiliate with us BY midnight Sept 19, 2021 11:38:36 GMT -7
Please place all advertisements in here and ensure that there is no broken coding or it will be removed. Guest Friendly!
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Character Central

Student Schedules Directory BY iris tamwood Sept 19, 2021 14:59:05 GMT -7
The Registration board is for pending and accepted profiles alike. Accepted profiles are categorized into male and female sub-boards and threads are marked with labels depending on the characters group.
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〈〈 A SHELL WITH NO SOUL 〉〉 BY Darwin Lynch Sept 19, 2021 13:22:03 GMT -7
Here you will find sub-forums for your character(s) including thread tracker, relationship tracker, plot page, and wanted ad sections, etc.
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Student Council BY Zero Verlin Sept 13, 2021 16:20:14 GMT -7
Unique to each available roleplay setting, for the academy there are sports, courses and clubs to join. For Victoria City there gangs, etc. These areas can help to promote plotting with fellow members and even group threads. Jobs are allowed to be posted here too for recruiting.
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Broken Promises BY Myles Blackbyrn Sept 16, 2021 20:23:27 GMT -7
Social media is definitely a very prevalent part of the world nowadays. Within this board you can post up all of your character's social media interactions: from messengers, Facebook, phone calls, etc.
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Current Event 🎉🎉🎉

Walther Menon & Osheen Alexandrite BY Walther Menon Sept 19, 2021 15:17:41 GMT -7
Satuday is reserved for cooking, and Sunday is when all the food is placed out and the grill is fired up! This lovely Sunday afternoon Panacea's students, staff, and even some citizens are invited—encouraged—to head on over to KAYE GARDENS where the grills are set up with hamburgers, hot dogs, you name it! Refreshments, side dishes, and desserts are set up on the tables and there's music playing in the background. It's a lively, exciting, and welcoming scene.
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Panacea Academy

with a misstep BY Hayato Yasuda Sept 19, 2021 13:44:18 GMT -7
This board contains all of Panacea's educational buildings. From the math and language building, to the science center, history, as well as all other extra curricular courses.
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Insomnia Novella [Kyrie] BY Kyrie Fisher Sept 19, 2021 13:08:34 GMT -7
At Panacea Academy there are two dormitory houses: the Onyx House for the boys and the Primrose House for the girls. Primrose is located north on campus and overlooks Lake Omar. Onyx sits at the east end overlooking the Kaye Gardens.
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A Little Help BY Brenna Redal Sept 19, 2021 12:45:21 GMT -7
Panacea Academy's athletic facilities include seven sports fields. Overlooking the expanse of sport fields is the Siberian Pavilion. Also within the area is the Sportsplex where the basketball court, tennis court, and gym can be found.
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The Tudor Tutor [Zero] BY Zero Verlin Sept 19, 2021 15:26:02 GMT -7
Panacea's campus grounds includes all other area of the academy. Reference this site HERE for information on other facilities and areas available within PA. Some things included are: Alumni Gardens, Lake Omar, Oakwood Hall, and Kaye Gardens to name a few.
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Victoria City

Hardcover Hero [c] BY himari hagimoto Sept 19, 2021 14:35:59 GMT -7
Whether you’re window shopping or out for a marathon shopping spree, Victoria offers everything from quaint shops and local food markets, to unique boutiques, local independent retailers and full shopping centres.
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In Vino Veritas [Nikolai] BY Nikolai Conium Sept 18, 2021 15:02:23 GMT -7
Tour the famous Butchart Gardens, discover beautiful Craigdarroch Castle, and feel the pulse of Canada’s oldest Chinatown—truly a hidden gem. Or escape to the water with world-class whale watching, kayaking, fishing and sailing.
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Party Crashers [Ava] BY Dio Jhadav Sept 18, 2021 13:21:52 GMT -7
A general board for character housing where members can request via a staff to create their very own sub-board to put up any finer details and threads that pertain to their characters residence.
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Wrist and Recuperation BY Guy Pierceton Sept 19, 2021 15:28:06 GMT -7
Police stations, fire stations, hospitals, clinics, if it's classified under an emergency service then it can be found here.
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Everywhere Else

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This board specifically caters all other places around the world that don't fit into any of the already existing categories.
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reminiscence BY Hayato Yasuda Sept 10, 2021 16:04:13 GMT -7
A place for your imagination, if you and another member get a fun idea between two character's you like, go ahead and create yourself a little story, the sky is the limit.
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🎉 Pairings have been assigned! Please post in your appropriate thread here!
zac Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:44:29 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Chibi Magician
Although, speaking of my other site. I was so good replying over there I finally got to my Panacea replies
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:01 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:22 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Chibi Magician
Well reply >....>
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:33 GMT -7
zac Avatar
pets for the chibbles
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:36 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:37 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:39 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:42 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Chibi Magician
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:45 GMT -7
Chibi Magician Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:45:54 GMT -7
zac Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:46:12 GMT -7
zac Avatar
I added four things to moodboards and now my brains like k you're done
Sept 19, 2021 13:46:33 GMT -7
Travis Lacroix Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:47:03 GMT -7
Travis Lacroix Avatar
Sept 19, 2021 13:47:04 GMT -7
Travis Lacroix Avatar
Travis Lacroix
Wait... he needs a template. Gosh darner
Sept 19, 2021 13:47:40 GMT -7
Maria Meysia Avatar
Maria Meysia
Omigosh Adira and Aine just having a full blown conversation about my post. Help I'm melting
Sept 19, 2021 14:11:18 GMT -7
Valerie Valendeer Avatar
Valerie Valendeer
Ok but we can't deny that you make the most well-rounded characters with such interesting quirks tho ;)
Sept 19, 2021 14:15:04 GMT -7
Toinette Yoshino Avatar
Toinette Yoshino
I agree with Zytl! Your characters are so relatable and interesting~ ^.^
Sept 19, 2021 14:16:39 GMT -7
Maria Meysia Avatar
Maria Meysia
I uhh... thankee ^^
Sept 19, 2021 14:21:48 GMT -7
iris tamwood Avatar
iris tamwood
Bweh I need to reply to posts, but man I lack the spoons
Sept 19, 2021 14:49:09 GMT -7

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